"Adriana's coaching has brought me to a new level of discovery in my work as an artist and as a person. Working with her for 2 years has also given me a greater appreciation for being an artist and the importance of that to society."
  ~ M.M.C., Los Angeles

Arts Mentorship Program

Art is a calling. Those who are committed to that call, know it to be one of the greatest challenges a human being can take on.

Some days the artist hums with energy, exhilarated by the flow of image, word, or sound. Other days, the usually exciting interplay of intuition and intellect becomes a slow exercise. Navigating the peaks and deserts of a creative life can be stressful and lonely.

Adriana Díaz understands this reality from the inside out. Her thirty years as an exhibiting artist and writer ground her mentorship work in deep personal knowledge. Her Mentorship is a collaborative process of bringing the artist into harmony with his or her craft, ambition, and intention. She understands the intricate relationship between the needs of personhood and the demands of art.

Adriana also brings the skills of a master teacher together with the training of a Co-Active Coach. She sees her role as that of a compassionate provocateur of the client's optimum creative experience and expression, replacing internal critical voices with a pragmatic, evaluative voice that facilitates growth and self-understanding.

Arts Mentorship offers an ally, a catalyst, and an intelligent listener. No matter what stage you are at in your creative journey, call Adriana at 510-530-4182 to discover what Arts Mentorship can bring to your life and your work.

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