"I am envisioning the future and fulfilling my vision by living up to my potential in each present moment. My relationship with Adriana enables me to choose how I want to succeed, and expedite the process. She has become like an emotional and motivational DSL line for my life." 
 ~ S.M., Oakland, CA


Workshops & Retreats

Adriana Diaz has twenty years experience as a workshop designer and leader. She is a skilled teacher and a versatile facilitator. Her understanding of the delicate balance between making something happen, and letting something happen, is her key to guiding participants to their own discoveries.

Defining the goals and objectives of a workshop is part of the work done in advance, determined by the needs of the organizational situation. Here, her perceptive listening and powers of observation, lead her to discern the concerns and needs of reconciling the work of each individual and the welfare of the united whole. Each workshop, then, moves toward greater clarity and expression not only for each individual, but also for the company or organization that holds them together.

* * * * * * *

" Amazing! For once I lost my concerns about judgment and, through
the group process, connected with the real magic of art.
What a freeing experience!
Through Adriana’s exercises and sense of free play, I somehow
deepened into the ocean of my own creative flow".
~ M.F., Nevada

* * * * * * *

As a retreat facilitator Adriana brings the listening skills of a Coach with the compassionate temperament of a Spiritual director. Her years of study comparative religions and psychology give her a broad and holistic approach to tackling matters that are sometimes beyond words.

Adriana recognizes the importance of holding a safe space within which retreatants can reflect, ask provocative questions, and explore new ideas. When new action is on the horizon, she has the skills, to set one’s life into motion toward clearly defined goals with determined, organized strategies.

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